Primary Objective : 2023

The Operations Team’s focus for fiscal year 2023 will be pushing completion of phase three of the SOLAR system by driving concentrated recruiting, financial, and material support to Mechanical, Firmware, and Electrical teams. The Operations team will also include special emphasis on meeting university special interest deadlines and regular communication with organizational liaisons.

The Operations team is responsible for the daily business operations of Orbital Labs, the team also is the main point of  contact between Orbital Labs and the university in order to allow other teams to focus on mission objectives. The operations team also facilitates financial allocation and fundraising for the organization.


-Social media and recruiting outreach

-Liaison between orbital labs and university administration

-project management of Orbital Labs teams and deadlines

-Financial oversight of funds allocated through private company sponsorship and university funds

-Interview and screen applicants

-Provide logistical support & command and control