Responsibilities Include: 

Mechanical Design, Re-entry solutions, and Manufacturing Process. As the Mechanical Engineering Team, we are tasked with the design and construction of physical hardware.

Awarded "Best Engineering & Computer Science Project" at the Student Project Innovation Expo

REcovery for Avionics and Payload Reentry (REAPR)

The mechanical team holds ownership of the requirements, architecture, design, fabrication and assembly of the capsule that will be used to facilitate experiments. The capsule will be lifted to 45Km via High-Altitude Balloon (HAB) where it will then be released and allowed to free fall to 25Km where parachutes are deployed for recovery.

Additionally, the mechanical team will work closely with the electrical team to develop an enclosure for the avionics board that serves as a gateway controller for vehicle operations, data acquisition, communications and payload agnostic support.